Malaysia Property Market

Why Malaysia?

Location of Kuala Lumpur on a map
Malaysia offers a real estate investment opportunity in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We believe the following factors make Malaysian real estate an exceptional opportunity.

  • Malaysia’s political and economic stability encourages a more than favourable climate for investors locally and from overseas. A high literacy rate and widely spoken English makes the country a preferred choice. The World Bank has projected 5.6% GDP growth for Malaysia in 2011 and 5.9% growth in 2012.
  • The likely appreciation of the Ringgit: The Malaysian currency is the third most undervalued currency in the world and is 51% undervalued relative to the US Dollar, according to the latest “Big Mac Index” published by ‘The Economist’. The Ringgit is widely expected to strengthen as government controls are gradually eased.
  • Liberal investment rules relative to other emerging markets: Malaysia has amongst the most liberal property-ownership regulations for foreigners in Asia, with the process of liberalisation continuing.
  • High development margins: Development margins are strong due to the increasing real estate requirements of a rapidly growing and increasingly-wealthy population.
  • Growing competition between banks driving down lending margins: Decreasing lending margins have a favourable impact on real estate valuations Increasing international interest in Malaysian real estate, particularly from the Middle East.
  • Malaysia is the only country in South-East Asia which offers both conventional and Islamic financing.

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